Edgeworker: Beyond Leadership – It’s Time For The Management (R)Evolution!

(by Nicola Nagel and Patrizia Servidio, German edition)

190 pages
incl. 40 graphics and images
Softcover, format: 23,9 x 16,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-9814543-6-9
Publisher: Next Culture Press Verlag

Print Version: 25,– Euro
E-Book: 19,99 Euro
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About the content:

It can no longer be denied: A change of directions in companies is absolutely necessary. The classical, hierarchical and profit based corporate management turns out to be more and more a suicidal paradigm. But how can a shift of directions work?

It starts with a new generation of people – so called Edgeworkers – who take the risk of creating organizations in a completely new way and initiating a paradigm shift.

The book invites you to radical new thinking with regard to management. Giving various distinctions and examples, it describes the core skills of Edgeworkers, which go far beyond known „Leadership“. While classical management produces adaptive followers, Edgeworking creates empowered team partners who put themselves radically responsibly and with their full potential into the service of the common vision. Instead of “leading” in the old sense, Edgeworkers are spaceholders which make hierarchical structures obsolete. They hold space in a way that all participants co-create in an empowering, nourishing, centered and highly inspiring way. Sustainable redirection and restructuring of organizations start at the human level.

Are you ready for the management (r)evolution?