Follow Your Calling Program

Are you still working – or do you already live your vocation?

We are at a turning point! Everything is changing now – and rapidly. The way we will work in the future, will also change enormously, because the actual working model of dependent work and assumed safety is outdated. To be your destiny in action means in the first place to follow your inspiration. Are you ready for this change? Are you ready to follow your calling?

Your vocation lies within you – and that already since you were born into this world! The call does not come from outside but from the inside! From the beginning of our live we are programmed on survival and safety, closing our ears to this inner call. For this reason we start looking for our vocation at the outside. In vain! Neither books nor questionnaires nor a consultant, even the best, can tell you what your calling is. If you really want to discover and live your calling, you have to start the adventurous journey to your inner core. This way is a process, an initiation into your authentic, adult, responsible self.

“For destiny to show up, we have to learn to think outside of our known system – because destiny and vocation do not exist in modern civilization. To be touched by our destiny, we must be able to feel. We don’t learn this at school or conventional education programs. Therefore, if we want to become our destiny in action, we have to pass through a process of initiation into responsible adulthood (rites of passage), where these special abilities are provided. According to my experience, there’s no short cut for this process, neither can it be achieved by intellectual efforts. “

Where do you stand on your way?

Just get in touch with me. I will support you – depending on where you are standing at the moment – with powerful, effective ways to help you find your vocation. Because your vocation is my business!