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Your Trainer, Patrizia Patz
Evolutionary Crust Blaster, Cultural Transition Agent, Author

Me, myself and I …

Patrizia Patz (Servidio)

From an early age I had a dream to find my vocation – a special task that could be my contribution to the big picture. But to bring this dream to life, I first had to wake up. The big challenge was that I didn’t even know that I was asleep or that the powerful adult woman inside me was still slumbering and waiting to be kissed awake. And it was not a prince who kissed me awake, but the intense initiatory processes into adulthood that Possibility Management provides.

The power and clarity that has been alive in me ever since makes the dream of that time pale. For being your destiny in action is much greater than you can imagine in your dreams. And this power has become the guiding light in my work with people. But modern society wants us to fit into its plans, to sleep and dream and be overwhelmed instead of following our own life plan. So, join me on the way to unfolding what you are!

An unusual combination

Possibility Management-Trainer and Coach
Health Practitioner
Master of Business Administration
Born 1969

To be honest, studying business administration was not my dream, but rather an emergency solution, because at 19 I didn’t yet know what to do. Today I’m happy about it, because it gives me crucial management skills. And paired with my training as a healing practitioner and trainer, this unusual combination enables me to support both individuals and companies with great clarity, creativity and humour in their development. In addition to transformational training on personality development, I also research the topic of “New Work” together with my business partner Nicola Nagel and advise companies and organisations on it. My vision is to create a culture in which we live vividly, respectfully and sustainably together and in harmony with the planet.

Further projects:

My longtime experience


    • Studies and certification Master of Business Administration
    • Studies and certification Healing Practitioner
    • Studies and certification Psycologic Astrology
    • Teacher certification for adults; Bayerischer Volkshochschulenverband e.V.
    • Training and certification Management Trainer
    • Trainer certification Possibility Management Trainer (Clinton Callahan); Next Culture Research & Training Center


  • Studiosus Reisen München GmbH, Assistant Product Manager (1995 – 1996)
  • Freelancer in different customer projects (1996 – 1999)
  • Therapist (1999 – 2002)
  • Trainer and Consultant for Dr. Thorsten Bosch AG (since 2002) as well as responsible for the Trainer training and supervision (since 2007)
  • 2005 Founding of Follow Your Calling
  • CEO of Dr. Thorsten Bosch Akademie AG (2009 – 2017)
  • Founding of Next Culture Organizations GbR with Nicola Nagel and publishing of the book “Edgeworker” at nextculturepress (2015)


  • Passions: Running, Mountain-Bike, Hiking, Making music (Drums & Percussion), Cinema, Rading, Nature and People
  • Vision: A society where adult, responsible people put their potential into the service of their destiny, to live together in harmony with Planet Earth
  • Motto: To change your life it only needs a decision!
  • I live with my husband in Germany, near Munich on the beautiful countryside