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What can I get you?

Depending on your needs, you will find here different offers. Is it explicitly about discovering your vocation? Then take a look around in the “Vocation” section. Or are there inner barriers keeping you from living your vocation? Perhaps you are afraid to leave the safe haven of your current permanent position? Then you will find suitable offers in the “Personality” section. You wish for a change in your company or in your team? Then have a look at the section “for organizations”.

Courses - Vocation

Klick here for all offers helping you to find and realize your vocation. Whether online self-study course, individual coaching, workshop or annual training – you will find your suitable format to bring your vocation step by step into the world.

Courses - Personality Development

Sometimes there are inner obstacles to overcome before you can truly find and live your calling. Here you will find offers to overcome your conditioning and expand your comfort zone with ease.

Offers for organizations

Follow Your Calling does not only work with individuals to contribute to the creation of a meaningful working world. The world of work cannot change without a change in the familiar structures and procedures in companies.

Achieve your personal goals with training or coaching, that is tailored to your needs.

You feel it’s time for a change in your life, but you don’t know how to do it?

It is often difficult to tackle the desired change on your own. Often there is a lack of clarity and courage to take the necessary steps. But you don’t have to do it alone. Get professional support to guide you on your new path, so that you really reach your goal.

Where are you standing right now?

Have you reached a turning point in your professional life and are looking for your calling?
Do you want to gain clarity about your talents and abilities and unfold your full potential?
Do you need a new direction in life?
You feel like you are stuck and you don’t know how to get out of the current situation?
You suffer from depression, panic attacks or burn out?
You have to make a decision and you don’t know which option to choose?
You just have the feeling that you need to change your life.

My holistic approach

For vocation to manifest itself, we must learn to think outside the system we know and have the courage to leave the mainstream paths – because purpose and vocation do not exist in ordinary modern culture. To be touched by our destiny, we must be able to feel. We do not learn this in school or in conventional educational programs.

In my experience, this process can neither be shortened nor achieved with the pure intellectual processing of questionnaires.

This is how it works …

Arrange a free initial info session

Fill out the questionnaire and arrange a free initial telephone session. Together we will find out which format is the right one for you.

Choose the fitting format

After our conversation you have clarity and can decide on a format. Simply register using the appropriate registration form. And then the journey to your vocation begins.

Let's reach your goals together

It won’t always be easy. Sometimes you will want to give up and find good reasons why it won’t work. I will support you in staying tuned. My goal is for you to reach your goals.