Notes on training & coaching participation

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Agreement for participation in Possibility Management Training

Download PDF: Notes on training participation 

  • Possibility Management Trainings are based on the context of absolute self-responsibility of all participants. The trainings differ from conventional trainings in the way that the learning does not only occur on an intellectual level, but holistically in all four bodies (physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic body). This is the prerequisite for enabling really lasting and profound learning success. However, this different kind of learning can also cause unfamiliar reactions in all four bodies. By participating in a training or coaching the participant acknowledges this and agrees that he/she bears full responsibility for any automatic reaction, which could arise for him/her during this learning process. He/she also bears 100% responsibility for looking after his /her physical, mental, emotional and energetic well-being.
  • The trainers are neither alternative practitioners nor psychotherapists and do not replace them either. Ongoing treatments and therapies shall not be interrupted or cancelled and future treatments or therapies shall not be postponed or omitted. The trainings and coachings serve the personal development. They do not represent medical science and are no substitute for professional medical, medicinal, psychological and / or psychotherapeutical treatments. The trainers do not provide any diagnosis, therapies or treatments in the medical context or any other medical science in legal context. The offered trainings and coachings provide a holistic development for body, mind and soul, without guaranteeing success. The trainers do not give healing promises so that false hope is not raised.
  • The client participates in a training or coaching provided that he does not know of any illnesses or health constraints and that there are no other medical indications that would exclude his/her participation in the training or coaching. If the participant suffers from any disease (e.g. Diabetes, heart diseases, etc.) or has to take regular medication (e.g.psychotropics), please inform the trainers or the organizer before the training.
  • By registering, the participant declares that he/she participates in the training or coaching by free choice, that he/she is not under alcohol or drug influence and that he/she will not consume any alcohol or drugs until the end of the training.
  • By participating in a training, the client agrees that he/she respects and handles all information about other participants, their words and actions, which he/she experiences during the training, strictly confidential.
  • By participating in a training or coaching the client automatically agrees that he/she has read, understood and accepted the above notes as well as the GTC of Patrizia Patz – Follow Your Calling.

Patrizia Patz, 2019

Kommende Events

Fri 20

Kiss Your Calling Awake (1 Year Program) – Training 3

September 20 @ 9:00 - September 22 @ 18:00
Thu 26

Possibility Lab (Advanced Training)

September 26 @ 7:00 - September 29 @ 18:00
Oct 04

Expand the Box (Basic Training)

October 4 @ 9:00 - October 6 @ 18:00
Oct 26

Anger Workshop – Discover your warrior power

October 26 @ 9:00 - 18:00
Nov 15

Kiss Your Calling Awake (1 Year Program) – Training 4

November 15 @ 9:00 - November 17 @ 18:00

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