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A new working culture

The success of a company depends to a large extent on the people. Factors such as inspiration, motivation, responsibility and working for a common vision are crucial. However, it is often human interactions that create the greatest challenge, especially at a time when business conditions and requirements are changing faster and faster, old approaches, meeting formats and structures are proving to be ineffective and unsustainable, projects are becoming more complex and the burnout rate is rising continuously. the organisations that lead into the future are therefore those that not only offer sustainable product or service innovations, but are first and foremost willing to discard old patterns of behaviour, communication and thinking.

Edgeworker – the future type of a leader

It begins with a new generation of leaders, so-called edgeworkers. Edgeworkers are people who are willing to take on full responsibility, take risks and completely redesign a company. They are bold pioneers who have the courage to enter unknown territory. Edgeworkers are people who recognize the need to make a paradigm shift away from pure value creation & profit making towards appreciation of employees, constructive corporate principles and the earth.

Next Culture Organizations

Follow your calling does not only work with individuals to contribute to the creation of a purposeful working world. Without a change in the familiar structures and procedures in companies, the working world cannot change. This is why, together with my trainer colleague Nicola Nagel, I founded a company dedicated to this goal: Next Culture Organizations. We support organizations and executives through innovative training and exceptional organizational development in their transformation to more sustainability and resilience. The Edgeworker-Training and further offers for companies and organizations, as well as for executives can be found on the website of Next Culture Organizations. Link to the website of Next Culture Organizations

Edgeworker - The book

Edgeworker: Beyond Leadership – It’s Time For The Management (R)Evolution!

(by Nicola Nagel und Patrizia Patz (Servidio), only available in German)190 pages incl. 40 graphics and images Softcover, format: 23,9 x 16,5 cm ISBN: 978-3-9814543-6-9 Publisher: Next Culture Press Verlag Print Version: 25,– Euro E-Book: 19,99 Euro
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