You like to work autodidactically? Then this is your format!

You like to be independent and want to decide for yourself when, where and how fast you want to work out your vocation? Then you’ll find exactly the right support in this online self-learning course.

Your benefit:

  • You will get clarity about your personal vocation.
  • You will go through an intensive process of self-awareness step by step, guided by my videos and workbooks, and discover your strengths, talents and abilities.
  • You will develop self-confidence and a basis for your career choice.
  • At the end you have put your vocation into words and developed the first implementation ideas.

The online video self-study course consists of 5 video sessions, which are activated weekly, including corresponding work sheets, as well as an intro video and a final video:

  • Session 1 – What I can do – Discovering your talents, qualities and abilites
  • Session 2 – What I want do – Discovering your passions, interests, motivators and favourite working conditions
  • Session 3 – What is dear to me – Discovering your principles
  • Session 4 – Putting your vocation into a phrase
  • Session 5 – How to put your vocation into a business idea

In addition you get:

  • access to a closed facebook group, where you can communicate with others, ask questions or ask for ideas

Your investment:

149 Euro incl. VAT


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You're still undecided and have further questions?

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    Patrizia Patz

    Meine große Leidenschaft ist es die Arbeitswelt zu verändern. Als Possibility Management Trainerin unterstütze ich Privatpersonen dabei, ihre Berufung zu finden und umzusetzen. Unternehmen und Organisationen begleite ich dabei, komplett neue und außergewöhnliche Wege der Zusammenarbeit zu etablieren. Für eine sinnerfüllte Arbeitswelt!

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