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Your longing has probably led you here? The part in you that dreams of bringing your talents and passion into the world. But our usual working culture is not designed for people to live their vocation. But that does not mean that it is not possible. What do you need to live your vocation? Clarity, courage or possibilities? You can find all that here. Are you ready to go your own way? Your first step is to decide for it, even if you don’t yet know what your calling is or how to do it. I support you with all my tools, my enthusiasm and my many years of experience! Let’s get started! I am looking forward to you! 

warmly, Patrizia

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Klick here for all offers helping you to find and realize your vocation. Whether online self-study course, individual coaching, workshop or annual training – you will find your suitable format to bring your vocation step by step into the world.

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Sometimes there are inner obstacles to overcome before you can truly find and live your calling. Here you will find offers to overcome your conditioning and expand your comfort zone with ease.

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Follow Your Calling does not only work with individuals to contribute to the creation of a meaningful working world. The world of work cannot change without a change in the familiar structures and procedures in companies.

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The coaching has encouraged me in my search and sorted my thoughts. And shortly afterwards I suddenly saw my way with great clarity. Now I also have the courage and the power to go it.


Dear Patrizia, many thanks for the valuable coaching process. You held a mirror up for me, which finally brought me clarity and inner liberation. Now I am ready for the implementation :-) !


Thank you for fulfilling 3 days in which I was able to experience a vigilant inner order, centering and expansion of my self-made thought patterns. The loving and responsible guidance of Patrizia has allowed me to embark on an inner journey where I have been able to clean up and discover treasures that are now being expressed.

A great enrichment, I feel deep joy & gratitude. Anyone who wants to live their life consciously and intensely should visit ‘Expand the Box!


The latest articles for your inspiration!

Your calling is waiting for you beyond your comfort zone! In my blog articles you’ll find inspiration and possibilities on how to become your destiny in action. Have fun reading!

Der kleine Kiesel – eine Kurzgeschichte

Der kleine Kiesel – eine Kurzgeschichte

Es war einmal ... ein wunderschöner, glatter, flacher Kieselstein. Er wohnte am Grund eines Baches. Der Stein war graubraun mit ein paar roten Sprenkeln. Tag ein Tag aus spürte er, wie das Wasser über ihn hinweg floss und seine Oberfläche umspülte, er sah die Sonne...

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Berufung & New Work

Berufung & New Work

Berufung & New Work - Wie du deine Arbeit wieder lieben lernst Ferdinand Otto hat mich für seinen Business-Hippie Podcast interviewt. Im Interview sprechen wir über New Work und Berufung, wie sich die Arbeitswelt verändern muss und wird und was es für dich...

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Berufung und Gefühle

Berufung und Gefühle

Wie die Kraft deiner Gefühle deiner Bestimmung als Treibstoff dient! In dieser Folge des Interviews von Marcin Szot mit mir sprechen wir über den Zusammenhang zwischen der Kraft des bewussten Fühlens und der Berufung. Marcin's Frage dazu war: "Kann man denn überhaupt...

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