Two days dedicated to your vocation

We are used to doing our job – day in, day out. Without thinking much about it, we spend most of our time earning money to survive. We adapt as best we can to the prevailing labour market, even if it means denying a part of ourselves. And so we are usually making a living, but our soul is starving. It hungers for meaning, for vocation and for making a contribution that corresponds to our talents and gifts. Perhaps you have long felt the deep desire to go on the path to your own destiny and to discover your vocation? Are you ready to take action and take the first courageous steps ? This workshop is like a starting shot that sets you in motion. Like treasure hunters, on this day we embark on an adventure journey  to recover the hidden treasures (talents, abilities, qualities, desires, etc.) and to become clear about the direction of your vocation. We also deal with your limiting patterns of thought and behaviour, which keep you from going your authentic way again and again. The team offers support to every participant through true communication and feedback. The question that guides us through these two days is: What would your job be if the planet were your employer? You might consider that your job started already when you were born. Logistical information about the workshop: Duration: 2 days, each from 09:00 to 18:00 o’clock Costs: 300,00 Euro (incl. VAT, plus lunch)

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    Über die Autorin

    Patrizia Patz

    Meine große Leidenschaft ist es die Arbeitswelt zu verändern. Als Possibility Management Trainerin unterstütze ich Privatpersonen dabei, ihre Berufung zu finden und umzusetzen. Unternehmen und Organisationen begleite ich dabei, komplett neue und außergewöhnliche Wege der Zusammenarbeit zu etablieren. Für eine sinnerfüllte Arbeitswelt!

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