To enlargen the team of Planet Earth Gaia is looking for evolutionaries working in full self-responsibility and on a freelance basis in different departments (e.g. cultural evolution, conservation of flora and fauna, sustainable energy production , evolution of the economy , etc. ).

What is needed:
Pattern Breakers, Bridge Builders, Evolution Architects, Path Finders, Peace Makers, Culture Ingineers, Economy  and Community Innovators, Truth Sayers, Initiation and Transformation Facilitators, Life Lovers, Change Agents, Wound Healers, Sustainability Inventors, … and a lot more.

Your qualifications:

  • Your are willing to put all your talents into the service of something bigger than yourself
  • You are ready to take radical responsibility for everything you do and don‘t do
  • You are inspired and passionate about what you do
  • You are willing to leave your comfort zone and to act in the area of not knowing

The offer: 

  • A team of extraordinary, inspired like-minded people with a vision
  • A purposeful life, being your destiny in action
  • A future where all living beings can live in communion on planet Earth instead of mere surviving
  • A compensation according to the values you produce for the good of all

If you are interested to become part of this team, … JUST START WHERE YOU ARE. We are looking forward to have you in the team!

Gaia – Your Planet Earth

P.S. Want to be a member of the Gaia Team but you don’t know how to do it?

Come to the Gaia I Hiring UnConference from 30th August – 2nd September 2018

More about the event

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