It’s time to kiss your calling awake! There are a few factors that could keep you from living your calling without you being aware of them. Here comes the first wake-up kiss you can give yourself if you unconsciously follow this pattern:

You’re using the operating system Survival 8 instead of Destiny 1.0

We come into this world with a kind of basic programming, an operating system, whose primary objective is our physical survival. To survive as babies or as children, we are dependent on the care of our environment. We are not yet able to feed ourselves, to keep ourselves warm or to protect ourselves. Therefore, this preinstalled operating system, programmed for survival, makes us develop security strategies and automatic behaviors to prevent us from dying. We adapt unconsciously as well as possible to the circumstances and avoid anything that could be dangerous for our survival.

Yet we are designed to make an exchange of our operating system at the age of about 15. We would be able by then to replace the old operating system “Survival” with the operating system “Destiny1.0” by going through an initiation process from the irresponsible adolescent to the responsible adult. Unfortunately, this reprogramming is not provided in our modern society. So we continue to run on “Survival” and follow the instructions by always installing the latest updates of this operating system.

The problem is that with this operating system we can only use system-compatible applications. The application “Living your calling” is not compatible with the operating system “Survival”, not even with the latest version. It just does not run on this operating system. To use this application, it is necessary to change the operating system completely. But we hesitate to make that change. Anyone who has ever thought about switching from Windows to Mac OS or the other way round knows that fear. Therefore, we often prefer to remain with the known system, even if it limits our possibilities. At least we know that it works because we have survived so far.

The secret:

If we choose to switch to Destiny 1.0, we are free to still use the old applications. However, experience shows that the new applications running on Destiny 1.0 are much more interesting and even more fun than the old survival apps, so that we stop using them automatically.

So ask yourself: Which operating system do you use?

In 2019 I offer for the first time the annual program “Kiss your calling awake – one year for your vocation”. This is a year-long training program for people who don’t want to wait anymore and who are willing to get out of their personal hamster wheel of self-sabotage and doubt. So if you don’t want to lose any more time, have had enough of your own excuses and are ready to take courageous steps towards your calling, this program might be just the thing for you. If you want to know more in advance, sign up in this list of interested people.