It’s time to kiss your calling awake! There are a few factors that could keep you from living your calling without you being aware of them. Here comes the first wake-up kiss you can give yourself if you unconsciously follow this pattern:

You believe in your own stories

Humans are great storytellers. We give a meaning to every circumstance and situation. And we tend to believe our stories. Our stories become our reality because we are able to find hundreds of evidences to prove that our story is true. Nevertheless, it remains a story.

An example:

It rains. A completely neutral situation. Drops of water are falling from the sky. Full stop. Nothing else. But we do not stop there. We invent a story about it, which might be something like this: “Oh, man, this fucking rain again. I wanted to go hiking today. If I start now, I’m going to be drenched like a drowned rat in no time. Who might want that? Definitely not me, anyway. That happens to me every time. Whenever I plan to do something, the weather is bad or something unexpected happens. I always have bad luck. … “

Great story! In contrast to that “It’s raining. Full stop.” is just boring.

We also have lots of stories regarding working and vocation that we take for reality. Here are a few examples – some classics:

  • “Well, I’d really like to do XY, but you earn no money with that.”
  • “Self-employed work is not really my thing. I’m more of a security type.”
  • “I need at least XXXX Euros a month to survive.”
  • “I just do not have enough reserves to live my calling. I first have to build up some reserves. But somehow I never get there. Whenever I’m about to get there another big expense, I have not thought of, comes along.”
  • “No one will pay money for that.”
  • “To get there, I would have to study first. Otherwise, people would not take me for serious. This would take far too long and I cannot afford it.”
  • “There are already so many people doing exactly this. I don’t have a chance to build up a business in this area.”

If we believe these stories to be true, we probably make the unconscious decision not to continue in following our calling.

The secret:

We are the creators of our own stories – and stories are stories, that means they have nothing to do with reality. Therefore, we can decide to invent a different story at any time. We could choose a story that does not discourage us to follow our calling.

So ask yourself: Which stories regarding your vocation or your talents are active within you?

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