Your calling is there within you, waiting to be kissed awake! And it is not so easy to do this, because there are typical strategies to keep you from growing into your own power. This is the third wake-up kiss you can give yourself if you unconsciously follow this pattern:

You don’t yet own the power of your conscious feelings – especially of your fear

In terms of feelings I have written so many articles that I want to be brief on this aspect. What I have found out is that the access to our basic feelings (anger, sadness, fear and joy) is necessary for fulfilling our true purpose in life. If we do not own the power of our feelings, it is our feelings that have power over us, and we are not able to follow our calling. In our modern society feelings are seen as bad and unprofessional, which normally prevents us from getting full access to our feelings. On the contrary – this attitude usually leads to making ourselves as numb as possible.

Our feelings can serve us as a precise navigation system to our purpose. If we are authentically angry or sad about certain circumstances in this world, it may be an indicator for a job on our table. The sadness or anger arises because we have that vision of a better world, we know or sense that something else would be possible and we are sad and/or angry that this possibility has not yet been implemented. If this is the case, it could be part of your calling to create these possibilities. But also joy, e.g. in the form of enthusiasm, and even fear give us valuable information about our purpose. My personal motivation to go further into unknown territory to fulfill my purpose resulted mostly from my deep fear that my life might otherwise remain meaningless.

As long as we don’t own the power of our feelings, they will prevent us from being our destiny in action. As long as we don’t own our fear, our fear dominates us and we will always find a lot of good reasons why we still cannot realize our purpose, only to avoid feeling fear.

The secret:

Our feelings not only give us valuable information about our calling, they also provide us with the required energy to make the necessary action steps. All feelings – when we use them in an adult, authentic and responsible way – constantly provide us with the fuel to be our destiny in action. In particular, the access to our fear is necessary to be able to enter the unknown territory of our vocation.

So ask yourself: Do you already own the power of your conscious feelings or do your feelings still own you?

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