Your destiny is waiting to be actively kissed awake by yourself. But there are some typical counterforces that can prevent you from coming into your own power. Here comes the fourth wake up kiss that you can give yourself if you unconsciously follow this pattern:

You do not yet possess your underworld

There is a part in us that does not want to grow up and instead wants to avoid responsibility. There are already different names for this part – the shadow part, the inner demon, the dark side, etc. In the context of Possibility Management, that part is called the Gremlin. The Gremlin is the king of our personal underworld. Our Gremlin mostly acts unrecognized in the unconscious and uses many tricks to sabotage our highest objectives, just to prevent us from taking responsibility. Each Gremlin has other strategies and serves so-called shadow principles, such as manipulation, arrogance, laziness, resentment, abuse of power, destruction, perfectionism, control addiction, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, being right, etc. If we are not aware about this part of us, or even deny its existence, our Gremlin has free rein to prevent us from living our destiny. Because to put yourself into the service of your purpose, of something bigger than yourself, without being concerned about your own advantage, is nothing that your Gremlin would voluntarily do.

If your Gremlin for exampleserves the shadow principle of perfectionism and you are not aware of it, then he may keep you away from fulfilling your purpose, by constantly telling you: “Sweetie, you’re just not good enough – others are much better”. And as long as you’re not good enough, you cannot live your vocation, because you will not succeed and you will end as a beggar under a bridge. No matter what you are trying to do to live your vocation, he will try to sabotage it. That sounds now as if that part in us is despicable and therefore has to be destroyed. Oh no, not at all – because, firstly, that would not work anyway and secondly, we often need especially our Gremlin for being our destiny in action.

The secret:

Our Gremlin part has many extraordinary skills that can be useful for living our purpose. Our Gremlin, for example, is able to break rules, to destroy things or to be rude, because he is not afraid of authorities. When we start on our path to live our purpose, we usually have to move out of the ruling system. Therefore these skills are especially useful. Maybe we have to break a few rules or destroy someone’s illusions.

Or maybe it is necessary to call someone we do not know or who is regarded as an authority in the ruling system and we would normally be far too shy to call that person. The Gremlin part has no problem at all with it! To be able to use these skills, however, we first have to become aware of our underworld and have to take it into possession, so our Gremlin sits on our side on a short leash.

So ask yourself: What’s the name of your Gremlin and what are his favorite tricks to keep you from fulfilling your purpose?

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