Your destiny is waiting to be actively kissed awake by yourself. But there are some typical counterforces that can prevent you from coming into your own power. Here comes the fourth wake up kiss that you can give yourself if you unconsciously follow this pattern:

You are hypnotized by the prevailing system and you are convinced that you can only choose from what is offered

We grow up in a system. This system is embedded into a context. The context determines which games are played in the system and what the rules of the games are. These are considered by the players in the system as given and therefore usually not questioned. The context determines, for example, how “working” in the system works. In our modern western context it has worked as follows so far: The main objective of work is to make a living. If you are working hard and/or are lucky, you may even manage to get a job that brings you more than just survival and you could achieve a comfortable life or even a life of luxury. (vocation and inspiration as motivation for working stand only in second or third place)

To achieve this you must have a good education, apprenticeship or course of study and then find a well-paid job as an employee in a renowned company. There you then make a career if you are good enough. Once we go to school, we get prepared to follow this course. We learn what school determines us to learn and we all learn (almost) the same stuff. Therefore, by the time we quit school we are used to selecting courses of study and education that are offered to us by institutions, even if perhaps we are only partly interested in the content. We are convinced that there is nothing else from which we can choose. Afterwards we are looking for a job that halfway fits our interests and talents from the job offers in the paper, and try to make the best possible impression at the interview. This has nothing to do with passion and inspiration. The whole process is reminding me of Cinderella’s stepsisters, cutting themselves a toe or a piece of heel to fit into their sisters’ shoe to marry the prince.

What if your vocation is a job that is not asked for in job offers? It could be a service that a company or the world does not yet even know they urgently need!!

The secret:

Because something has worked for a long time, does not mean that it still works. Times are changing and the system is lagging behind. In addition to the predetermined linear path, there are infinite non-linear ways to deliver to the world what is needed, what fits your inspiration and enables you to make a living at the same time. Apart from the official degree programs offered by institutions there are many other ways to learn precisely what you want to learn or what is needed. Choosing and deciding is an unalienable force that we can use without permission. You can also choose from what is not offered at any time. Arrange your own study curriculum and create your own “working space”. Live your vocation instead of working to make a living.

So ask yourself: Where do you limit your choices to what is already offered, just to fit into the system?

In 2019 I offer for the first time the annual program “Kiss your calling awake – one year for your vocation”. This is a year-long training program for people who don’t want to wait anymore and who are willing to get out of their personal hamster wheel of self-sabotage and doubt. So if you don’t want to lose any more time, have had enough of your own excuses and are ready to take courageous steps towards your calling, this program might be just the thing for you. If you want to know more:

Kiss Your Calling Awake - 1 Year Program