Your destiny is waiting to be actively kissed awake by yourself. But there are some typical blocks that can keep you from coming into your own power. This is wake up kiss No. 6 that you can give yourself if you unconsciously follow this pattern:

You’re living the life of somebody else

There are a lot of old feelings and stories stored within you unfolding their effects in on your life  without you being aware of it. And some of these stories and feelings are not even yours. You have (unconsciously) adopted them from others – usually from authorities and social standards.

I grew up in a family where money was always tight and with parents who both worked hard to make a living. The fear of my parents of not being able to feed three children was always palpable for me as a child and a constant companion. I soaked up this fear during the 18 years that I spent at home until it filled the last of my cells. The result was that later in my “adult” life I also carried this existential fear with me, even in times when I had enough money to spend. And I worked hard – already as a student. Until I eventually realized that this fear was not my fear but the fear of my parents. Also, I was able to identify the story that “work has to be hard and that it is not a pleasure” as the story of my parents and let it go.

Expectations from the surroundings – spoken out or not – sometimes also lead to our adapting to these so that we live someone else’s life, instead of living our personal vocation:

“You shall have it better in life than we did!”

“First you finish your studies and then you will walk in my footsteps and take over the business.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to find a decent job before you make yourself unhappy with following these illusions.”

“We are just a family of lawyers – my grandfather was a lawyer, my father was and I am also a lawyer. What could be better for you? “

“You know, I dreamed my whole life of becoming a doctor, but we did not have the possibilities back then and with the children it would not have worked anyway. How about a medical degree?”

As I mentioned before, these expectations do not even have to be spoken out – it is enough that we feel these expectations energetically between the lines and we accept them.

The secret:

If you find out which stories, expectations and feelings about work, money, security, etc. you have adopted from others, you can quite easily give them back to their owners. Since they do not belong to you, you can also let them go. For this purpose, it is often necessary to set a clear boundary to your parents or other authorities and thereby take back your own authority.

So ask yourself: What stories, expectations and feelings about work, money, security, etc. have you adopted from others?

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