This is wake up kiss No. 7 that you can give yourself if you unconsciously follow this pattern:

Ancient unconscious decisions are still active in you

In addition to internalized feelings of others, also decisions we unconsciously or consciously made during traumatic situations in our past can keep us from living our vocation. We may have made these decisions in our early childhood, during our birth, or even earlier. With the suppression of the traumatic experience and the corresponding feelings, we push these decisions into the subconscious, where they can go unnoticed and influence our lives. We do this in order to ensure our survival by trying to avoid similar situations in the future.

Here a small example from my personal life: I remember a situation in my childhood when I had made such a decision – it was actually much more than a decision, it was a vow. Due to a traumatic event with my mother I swore in that moment that no one will ever again have so much power over me. My mother had this power due to the mere fact that I was a child and dependent on her. The result was that in my early adult life I was not able to trust anyone, I could not commit to anything, and I had a packed bag at hand so I could disappear if it became necessary. To place myself into the service of my vocation was not at all possible because of the impact of this vow.

Traumatic experiences such as neglect, persecution, punishment, abuse, etc., can result in making decisions like, for example, to never let ourselves be seen as we really are, to not be present, to not trust anyone or take a risk, to take revenge or to push away our vocation.

The secret:

These old decisions are stored in our body together with the information about the traumatic situation and the corresponding feelings. Through conscious feelings work in a safely held space these memories and old decisions can be brought into consciousness again and replaced by new decisions that allow yourself to be your destiny in action.

So ask yourself: What old, outdated decisions are still determining your life?

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