Time for wake up kiss No. 8 that you can give yourself if you are not aware, that:

Destiny shows up at a certain level of responsibility

In essence, the eighth factor is a summary of the first 7 requirements. This is because in order to do all the things that are mentioned under 1 to 7, it takes courage and willingness to leave your comfort zone. To live your vocation has nothing to do with feeling comfortable. At least that is not the purpose of living your vocation – it may be a result, but it is not the primary goal of vocation. The primary goal of vocation is to make yourself and your talents available to the world and to put yourself into the service of something greater than yourself.

Therefore vocation only becomes clear when we are ready to take the step into radical responsibility. If we are willing to give up our cherished excuses and loopholes. If the pain of spending another day not living your vocation is bigger than the fear of dying.

But as long as we cling to a labor system that keeps all participants from taking responsibility because it is focused on safety, survival and dependency, rather than fulfilment and vocation, destiny will not show up in our lives! As long as we prefer to tell victim stories about the circumstances that keep us away from living our vocation, destiny will not show up in our lives!

The secret:

It may be necessary to first change your own point of view regarding responsibility. In our society, responsibility is not necessarily considered to be attractive, but rather as something that should be avoided. The following map illustrates this and reveals the secret of radical responsibility:

So ask yourself: Are you ready to take radical responsibility and to put yourself into the service of your calling with all the consequences, even if you have to leave your comfort zone?

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