One of our inalienable forces is the force to ask questions. Sounds great at first, but why is asking a force? What impact can a question have? A question can be like a door. A door into an unknown space where you can discover new possibilities, develop consciousness or find clarity. At least if it is an open question. The simple question: “What is your intention right now?” can create consciousness where there was no consciousness before. But a question can also be a door to a decision if it is yes/no question. For example: “Are you ready to do an experiment?”. Questions do not leave us untouched. They start an inner process. The door opens and a new world unfolds in front of us. Questions act like catalysts.

A very special force lies in the Next Question. The next question is the question that will take you further, that will take you to the next space of your development, to the next level. The next question involves the power of evolution. A next question for our society could be, “What is necessary to overcome our addiction to mineral oil?”. A personal next question could be, “What benefit would you have to leave behind if you lived your vocation?”. It usually does not make sense to quickly answer the next question. In order to let the power of evolution unfold, it is usually more useful to let this question work within you, to experience the new world in detail, and to let the possibilities develop.

In the last Trainer Skills Lab we did an exercise with the force of the next question. In teams, the participants asked, “What is my personal next question?” and received a list of their personal next questions. And as a trainer, answering your next question is not just about your personal development. It also serves others by making the question bigger and generating distinctions. That was the exercise and here are the results. Have fun with the participants of the Trainer Skills Lab and their next questions. (Some of the videos are in German – please switch on the subtitles)

Anne-Chloé: What magic could unfold, if I gave up my stubborness?

Andreas: Where do people avoid responsibility and why?

Joana: How can I ask for what I need?

Jördis: How can women live their wild side?

Markus: What are the best tricks to avoid intimacy?

Michaela: What does it need that souls get it contact with each other?

Ulrich: What is the benefit of being a NO?