When you put yourself into a bigger context, you get more possibilities

Perhaps you have already seen this picture:

This picture is about purpose, and in this picture, your profession – meaning that which you learned in the past and are exercising currently – is only a facet of something much bigger, which is your original and unique life’s purpose. Do you see the dot in the middle, where all the facets come together? This dot is the symbol for the reason why you are on this beautiful planet called Earth, right now: The qualities with which you make the world a little bit more beautiful or better – your purpose. It’s the thing you offer to the world, just by being alive, regardless of the profession you have learned.

The culture we are living in, however, wants to limit us exactly within this little facet: our profession. When you introduce yourself to a person and they ask you what you do, what do you normally say? “Hello, my name is Maria and I am an executive clerk” or “Hi, my name is Hans Müller and I am a physician.” From childhood on, we are educated to find a good profession. Then we identify ourselves with this profession and limit our possibilities enormously without really realizing it.

The goal of many years of education is to become someone or something. After these long years of learning, if you have been hard-working and were lucky, you got a certificate or permission to be this or that. Then you are somebody – educated and complete. And along with your profession a lot of things are determined, like your status in society, because there are reputable professions and less reputable professions. As soon as you are a physician, you belong to the professional class of physicians; You have to behave according to the well-known “physician’s box”. There is an exact description of the physician’s box. You have to think like a physician. You have to act like a physician. You are limited to what a physician can, or cannot do. Your profession often even determines how and where you can work and what your income is.

The following equation applies: Profession = Status + Money = Survival

In the picture, profession is the intersection of “You are great at it” and “You are paid for it”. These are the two things our modern society is focused on: status and money. You could also say recognition and safety – sounds a little bit better at first, but it is just other words for the same thing. It is always about SURVIVAL! Our working world is focused on SURVIVAL and we get trained to join in the game, even when it means, that

  • you have to say No to your purpose
  • you have to leave your inner truth behind
  • life and work are separated areas in your life
  • this wonderful planet, we are living on, is slowly perishing

Our capitalistic economy and employment system works in a simple way: Profit-oriented companies take advantage of the fact that we are raised to be safety-oriented professionals. They offer safe jobs according to the different professional profiles, but on the condition that you as an employee follow the instructions of the employer. A game seemingly on reciprocity – the ruling elite is making more profit; the normal working population gets a feeling of safety. This unfortunately has nothing to do with calling or purpose.

Your purpose is not what you do, but who you are

When I tell my clients that they probably live their purpose already without being conscious about it, they normally don’t believe it. But this is how it is: Your purpose has been in effect since you were born into this world, because it is connected to your BEING. It works through you, even if you don’t take money for it. The big challenge of life is to find out who you are and what you are offering to this world, without noticing it.

There is a basic distinction between your profession and your purpose:



What you do; your work What you are; your BEING
Acquired skills Given talents, qualities
According to the specifications of society, a known job description Individual, non-linear – there is no job description
Recognised, part of the official list of professions Archetypal, not personal
Connected with status and social acceptance Beyond status
Oriented on the needs of the prevailing economy and working world Independent of the prevailing working world – oriented on the needs of the world
Risk of becoming unemployed/jobless „Unemployment“ is impossible
Separation of work (labour in the sense of “toil”) and life „Labour“ (in the sense of „toil“) does not exist; there is just life
Serves to earn a livelihood, to make money, safety-oriented Serves something bigger, the greater good, purpose-driven
Needs examination, certificates, permissions from an external authority Is a birth right (or a birth duty?)
Linear C.V. Non-linear C.V., leaps and changes are normal

I had many different professions in the past. I have a drawer full of certificates and permissions signed by so-called authorities. I was a product manager in the tourism industry. I was an independent health practitioner. I was the CEO of a training academy. Right now, I work as trainer, coach, consultant, blogger and author. However all these things are not my purpose or my calling. They are nothing but different forms of expression, through which I have chosen so far, to live my purpose. In the normal working world my CV would be considered as “not linear enough”. As soon as I found out, what my purpose is, I realized that until now I always have done the one same thing, no matter whether I was a product manager, health practitioner or trainer.

Because my BEING or my purpose is much bigger and more universal, it does not limit me to only one form of expression. You want to know what my purpose is? I am an evolutionary crust blaster, bringing aliveness into the world. That is what I am and what I offer to the world, no matter which form of expression I choose.

You are needed in the world

And you? What were you made for? I don’t mean your profession – because that is only one possible form of expression of what you really are. Do you hear me? It is nothing but one measly, little possibility!! As soon as you find out who or what you are, you automatically put yourself into a bigger context. Into the context of purpose, because your being here probably has a meaning, a purpose, an intention. Life and evolution normally don’t waste any resources. Why then should they waste your qualities?

Perhaps you are

  • a pattern breaker
  • a bridge builder
  • an evolution architect
  • a way maker
  • a peace maker
  • a cultural engineer
  • an economy and community innovator
  • a clarity creator
  • an initiation and transformation companion
  • a truth speaker
  • an advocate of life
  • a wound healer
  • a sustainability inventor
  • ???

It may not be one of these – but then again it may be. The great thing is, if you take this possibility into consideration and reprogram yourself, you automatically get a lot of new possibilities you can use to live your unique and personal life’s purpose. Then you are not limited anymore to this one measly, little possibility of being the profession you once learned. Of course your current profession can stay your preferred form of expression – but it then becomes a form of expression of something bigger: your life’s purpose. Instead of being an employee of company XY or the boss of your own company, you become a team member of GAIA, the living planet Earth. And you are free to choose a different form of expression any time you want.

In Possibility Management we call it your Archetypal Lineage – the archetypal name of what you are offering to the world.

Are you ready to put yourself into the service of something bigger than mere survival, or a company focused on making more and more profit every year? Then it is time to become a team member of planet Earth!


There is a possibility to research together how to put yourself into a bigger context at the end of August 2018. Take part at the first “Gaia Is Hiring UnConference”.